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Stikki Stikki

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The flat colors work well in this picture--this is a simplicity that many people who draw flat fail to achieve. The line thickness is just right for the style, as is the mostly black-and-white feel. The light background helps Stikki, outlined in black, stand out more.

The composition is nice, too. It leads your eye up from the bottom of the page and focuses not on her breasts, but her face. That, combined with a neutral pose, presents her nudity as non-pornographic. This ensures that you won't get as many views on this as many of your other works, but I find it appealing all the same.

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Twilight Twilight

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I haven't seen your art in awhile, but I like the coloring style you've taken on in recent pictures. I find it much more vibrant than before.

The shading on her right armpit is awkward, though, like her upper arm is twisted around. Also, with her arm over her head like that, her right breast should be pulled up and thinned out a little. Lastly, the simplicity of her bellybutton looks strange compared to the depth of the shading--like it's second clitoris, actually.

Away from the complaints now. I like how you're always been willing to add a bit more meat to your girls, while most anime-influenced artists keep them thin enough that a nice whack with a roll of toilet paper would break a bone or two.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I suggest opening paid commissions and posting these pre-paid pictures on Newgrounds, while keeping your un-commissioned work behind Hentai United if you wish. That way, you would still get paid for your work, the buyer would get a custom picture, and the general population would get to see it.


On the picture itself, what I can see of it is good. As always, I like your style, even among other anime styles. Your facial expressions are intense and your shading is basic and charming. However, when everything else is shaded, why isn't her flower? The petals, plus the light source, would cast shadows on it, and none are there.

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Justine Casas Topless Justine Casas Topless

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

That pose is one of my favorites. The open skirt is a nice touch as well. So, yes, there's sex appeal here, with a few things to consider for future drawings:

-Her tits are too high up on her chest. Yes, having her arms raised will bring them up, but not like that. Their shape will change as well--after all, they're two bags of fat. They squish and stretch too. For a shape reference, just look at a girl in that pose with sizable fun bags. I'm sure you've got plenty.

-Despite her hair falling over part of her face, her eye should be showing unless she's only got one. The lighting isn't contrasted enough for the shadow to hide it.

-Back to her boobs, the left nipple should be a bit further to the side based on the size of the knockers.

-The right leg is thinner than the left from what I can see of it.

-Her hips should be just a little wider considering the size of her rib cage.

-Something about the bump in the arm just above the armpit. I'm sorry, I can't tell you exactly how to fix this. I'll recommend reference again.

-A lack of contrast in your coloring makes the shading look flat. Deepen the color of the shadows, and consider that highlights and shadows have their own colors, determined by the picture's light source(s).

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The Devil XV The Devil XV

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You could look at the head--if that's a head--in a few different ways, and all of them are unnerving. This is a solid, well-done picture, especially considering it's a study.

The light up top works really well; the shadows and highlights on the torso look great. However, once I get down to the abdomen and pelvis, it fells like, with that much light above, the shadow shouldn't be as dark as it is, especially when the spikes are partially highlighted. Looking at it a little closer, it may just be my monitor, but it looks like the painting style in that area is different as well. Was this intentional? Was the abundance of shadow intentional? That doesn't bother me as much as the shift in style, so I'm gonna say the shadow thing is fine.

I'm not adept at art myself, so in the end, your judgment is probably better than mine.

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Rogue Rogue

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The attention to detail in this picture is great to say the least. The 8 ball in the skull and the faded ghost behind the amoeba(?) are especially nice. The colors flow together well and, despite a softer style, manages to look a lot like Castle Crashers.

All the soft coloring draws my eyes away from the central figure though. If that's your intention, feel free to ignore this, but if not, try to draw out the focus of your picture more in the future. This could be done with slightly bolder lines or colors, or just moving some of the clutter in the background off to the side and keeping the eye-drawing stuff near the figure.

Erbmaster responds:

Thanks, I'll take everything into consideration :D

smile M! smile M!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The highlights on her armor look great and the proportions make for a very attractive character. Three things bug me, though:

The darker lines coming out of her panty thing look off-center considering the position of the clothing. Or is it slipping off?

Next, her boots look paper-thin. If that's intentional as a sort of parody of female fantasy armor, ignore this part of the critique.

You may want to vary your line weight--make your lines heavier in more shadowed areas and lighter in areas in the light. For example, since she's radiating light in this picture, the inner lines would be heavier.

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Frizzy Frizzy

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Drawing traditional after a long time of digital always throws me off.

On this picture, her face is small compared to her hand (or her hand is big compared to her face). If you hold your hand up to your face with the bottom of your palm aligned with the bottom of your chin, your fingers generally go about halfway up your forehead. This girl would be able to reach the top of her head with her fingertips.

I wonder, why didn't you finish this? You could get away with cropping out everything below the clavicles and drawing her shoulders (which I mistook her hair for at first). Yes, the hand is well-done, but if that's there, shouldn't there be at least one arm as well? Or is this a famous artist's style that you're emulating that I'm not aware of (entirely possible--I don't know about too many well-known artists).

I've always liked seeing anime-style drawings with more realistic proportions, so I'm liking the size of the neck. The shading is nice, the hair is good, the face is proportional to itself, at least, and her hand is accurate.

bloominglove responds:

Thank you very much for your review! :D

I'm still very much an amateur with anything relate to proportion. Still a long way to go! :)

The Valley The Valley

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The background isn't too bad, actually. What's bugging me is the line of the picture frame being exactly on and parallel to the straight depicting the side of his face. Generally, you want to avoid this unless it's unavoidable, and you know what? You could actually have fun with those picture frames. Say you moved them closer or him back a little and made him standing directly in front of an "employee of the month" picture with his face exactly where the employee of the month's would go.

Got off track there a bit. Anyway, next , his torso is long. I usually dodge this by making sure my character's wrists align with the bottom of his/her crotch. After that, look to his feet. His left heel, to our right, looks like it's about level with the middle of his other foot while his right knee isn't bent to accommodate.

Overall, I'm liking the color blending and the light/shadow, but the light source that's illuminating most of his face and neck doesn't look like it's hitting the rest of him. While on the topic of lighting, it looks like the light source is coming from the front, and yet his shadow is being fast in front of him?

The colors, the color blending, the light and shadow (for the most part), and the background are all pretty nice overall.

First Commission Oil Painting First Commission Oil Painting

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fine art indeed. I love seeing well-done realism on Newgrounds.

The kid in the back's hair comes off his head kind of a lot. Mentally draw the line where his skull is and check the hair. I may be wrong on this, though; I've seen kids with high hair before.

That same kid's left eye, to our right, is just a tiny bit higher than the other one. It took me a long time staring to pick that out, though.

Lastly, and I add a disclaimer to this one that I'm terrible with light and shadow, how is such intense red being reflected on the back kid's shirt? Does the front kid's shirt glow? Or is this some aspect of lighting that I'm not aware of.

It took me awhile to pick out those three tiny things. There may be more, but I'm not skilled enough to pick them out if there are. Awesome work, overall. You must have put a ton of time into this, and whoever's buying it won't be disappointed.

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DonStracci responds:

First of all thank you! You made me see some things that I didn't notice! As you said because of the hair it looks like he has a bit too high skull I can manage to reduce that a bit when the current coat of paint is dry. For the eyes on the other one, you can notice that his ears are also a bit horizontal, it was meant to be done like this with the eyes, however as you said it could have been less high, I hardly can change that mistake thought, lastly, I will eventualy add some more glazes to darken the shirt refletion. Again, thank you alot to taking time to critique, really appreciated!